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Mobile Manipulation

The combination of the SRA robot arm with the Slider150 mobile platform results in a dextrous, but still compact manipulation platform.


  Mobile manipulation requires a complex, but completely autonomous platform. With the SliderSRA we can provide such a robot system: highly dextrous, integrated robot control, high reach or the arm, and low weight.

The SRA service robot arm is mounted on the Slider150 platform, which is reinfoced accordingly.

Control and Interfaces:

The joint controller of both robots motors are connected to one CAN bus. The onboard computer runs the TinyCtrl robot controller. The controller generates motion commands for platform and arm.
External access is possible via WLAN using the CRI-interface. It allows jogging of platform and robot, but also the replay of robot programs.

ROS packages are available for platform and arm.

Mobile Platform: Slider150
Robot Arm: Service Robot Arm 1000 HD
Power Supply: 24V

Control, sensors and batteries are often highly application specific, therefore they are not included inthe package. Please get to us, we will adapt the robot to your use case requirements.

Example configuration:
Fanless embedded PC with Intel Atom and Ubuntu Linux. 24V LiPo batteries. Hokuyo Lidar.

The photos show optional components and are subject to change without prior notice.

The Slider150 is not suited for use in industrial production.

The robot is available at our webshop. Of course we can provide a quote. Just send us a short mail!