Robot Gantry Cell

Complete Robot Cell with a gantry

If a quick solution is required, we provide not only the controller, but also the complete robot cell!

A 3-axis gantry with a working area of 500 x 500 x 100 is controlled by the DIN-Rail control. A safety PLC provides emergency stop and door switch functions. Furthermore it offers many extension possibilities. The Rittal control cabinet grants a lot of space for extensions.

Exemplary applications are simple pick and place applications or dispensing tasks, as shown in this video.


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Industrial robots

Low Cost Automation for industrial production

The company igus GmbH has a Low-Cost-Automation program, where they sell robot arms, portals and delta kinematics. In combination with a Commonplace Robotics control unit, the kinematics are sold as “iRC igus Robot Control”.

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