Robot Control Software CPRog

Control and Programming of Robot Kinematics

CPRog is a Windows software for controlling and programming robots. The robots can be used both in reality and in simulation.


  • Intuitive 3D user interface
  • Motions in cartesian and joint coordinates
  • Program editor with extensive motion, structure and logic functions
  • Various supported robot kinematics and setups

Please check for yourself! You can download and test the CPRog software directly!

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Supported Kinematics

Articulated robot arms with 4 to 6 joints

Gantry robots with 2 to 4 joints

Delta robots with linear or rotational joints

Hardware Interfaces


In combination with the Commonplace Robotics control electronics the native CPR-CANV2 interface is used.

Please see the electronics below.


Using the CANopen interface standard motor controller can be used as robot joints. CPRog supports the profies IPO and CSP.


To allow makers to use the CPRog software a free version is available. This version provides interfaces to step/dir controller and Lynxmotion robots.

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Control Electronics

Robot Control with Motor Controller for Stepper and BLDC Motors

Power electronics for stepper motors

In the service-friendly DIN rail form factor, the robot controller consists of motor modules, digital input and output modules and a support module.

The motor modules are designed for stepper motors with motor encoder at 24V up to 4A.

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Power electronics for BLDC motors

For OEM developments

The motor modules are designed for BLDC motors with encoder at 24V up to 5A. A smooth motion is given by state of the art vector control.

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Cloud-Solution RobotDimension

The Robot Cloud

A cloud platform is available at It enables remote monitoring services, for example.